"Intercultural Competences for Personal and Professional Life"


"Following this training you will acquire most valued knowledge and skills in intercultural competences that will help you throughout your personal and professional career."


Organisational and
members culture
conflict resolution


The increasing cultural diversity of our societies is frequently reflected in the labor market, where the coexistence of organizations and people from different origins become more and more frequent at a global level. In order to successfully cooperate with people from other countries and cultures, it is not enough to possess the basic technical and linguistic knowledge. It is also now required that one comprehends different ways of working, thinking and communicating. In this context, intercultural competences have become transversal key competences for the management of Human Resources in 21st Century organizations. They are considered an added value in staff recruitment processes and are useful to boost your CV.


Throughout the training a qualified tutor will monitor your process, provide assistance when necessary and asses your performance.


After completion of the training you will receive a Certificate on Intercultural Competences. Upon request you can receive a EUROPASS. This pass is a way of helping you to make your skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe.


The study hours for acquiring one intercultural competence is about 12.5 hours. Such module needs to be finished in a time-span of 6 weeks.


Each intercultural competence is represented as a training module with the same structure: an introduction with forum discussion and 3 chapters of training content. Each chapter is concluded with a reflection activity. At the end of the module you will be assessed with a multiple choice test to judge how well you have understood the training content.

Participants must reach a minimum of 50% in the mark of each element and a minimum of 60% in global average mark to successfully complete the module and receive a certificate.


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