"Intercultural Competences for Personal and Professional Life"


cultool for third parties

CULTOOL is a comprehensive on-line training targeted to students, graduates and employees for the acquisition and/or further development of intercultural competences.

Yearly license costs, based on number of course participants:

< 500 € 1.000,-
500 – 1000 € 1.500,-
1000 > € 2.000,-

Administration fee:
Administration fee per course participant is € 25,-.

Tutoring costs:
The customer can choose to take care of the tutoring themselves or let Reconfirm-TU/e take care of that.

In case Reconfirm-TU/e takes care of the tutoring, the costs (including administration fee) are:

1 module € 75,-
2 – 3 modules € 150,-
4 modules € 175,-
5 – 6 modules € 210,-

Test module(s):
The customer has the possibility to test the modules. For that Reconfirm-TU/e provides one test account and takes care of the tutoring.

The costs for these test modules are:

1 module € 125,-
2 – 4 modules € 250,-
5 – 6 modules € 325,-

In case the customer decides for the demand of the CULTOOL training the costs for the test modules will be deducted from the license costs for the first year.

Note: All amounts are without 21% V.A.T.

Tailor made offers
In case the customer wants:
– to offer the Cultool training fully under own management, and/or
– adaptation of (parts) of the course,
a tailor made offer can be provided.

If you are interested in using the CULTOOL training you can send an e-mail to reconfirm@tue.nl